One trillion. In one year.

That’s how many plastic bags our planet consumes. If a number this big doesn’t scare you, rest assured – it scares us. And we’re ready to do something about it. For ourselves, our children, our planet, and our collective future.


Free Shipping

In-stock items will ship out within 2 days, with no additional cost to you. 

Home Grown

Made in the USA and made to last. And that makes these bags an easy choice.

1 Year Warranty

We’re so confident in our bags, we’ll fully cover any flaws or failures for a full year.


What people are saying

I love, love these bags. I hate plastic and have been using reusable bags for a while. These are large and extremely durable. 

Laura Ash
Riverdale, Michigan

I like the packaging of the bags. It's like an envelope and I can store them there while I'm not using them and it doesn't take too much space in the car. 

Manhattan, Kansas

OMG!! These are soooo durable. I stacked 2 layers of soda cans and the straps didn’t break. I had the free usable bags and they break so easily.

Jacqui Nguyen
West Hartford, Connecticut

Better than anticipated, and I anticipated they would be great. Roomy, sturdy, flat-bottomed for easy "packing" groceries, and easy to keep in car trunk for quick access.
Love them... even shared them with my neighbor. Would definitely buy again.

Beth B.

Great product. strong bags. Super convenient case. Love it!

Yitzchok A Kramer

Easy, eco-friendly excellence.

When it comes to waste, our planet is filled with more than just plastic bags that never got recycled. We’ve only got one planet. We plan to make the most of it.

Our mission is creating a product you never have to buy again. Our items make it easy to be kind to our earth for generations, giving you a strong, quality alternative to all the disposables plastics. By making our products easy to find, affordable, and durable, we’re making it easier to do right by our planet.

We walk the walk

You’re supporting an initiative for a better world in more ways than one when you shop with us. A portion of our profits goes to specially chosen non-profits that are just as dedicated to the environment as we are. You can feel good using your product and knowing that your dollars will be double effective.