How to Clean Your Reusable Bags

A little bit of care adds a lot of life

Once you have your army of reusable bags together, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. They stay by your side constantly – at the grocery store, the farmer’s market, your weekend trips to the pool, your camping expeditions, and even carrying your lunch to work. When you have something that works so well for your lifestyle, you want it to be a constant in your life. To never let you down.

With a little easy maintenance, your reusable bags will have your back, day in and day out. Keep these instructions in mind for when your cottage cheese leaks, or you drop that carton of eggs a little too hard.

To wash your bag: easy! Just gently wipe your grocery bag using a clean, damp cloth. No harsh chemicals or machine-washing necessary. After cleaning, skip the dryer and let it air dry.

When the insert board at the bottom of your bag gets a little too much skuzz, no worries – you can clean with soap and water. Once clean, rinse with hot water and leave to dry. It’ll be as good as new.

If you’ve done the above and you still have the lingering ghosts of the onions, mustard, and cabbage you spilled in it last week, never fear. We all get a little smelly sometimes. To eradicate unwelcome odors, simply spray some vinegar or sprinkle some baking soda inside the bag. Let it sit overnight to absorb any odor or moisture. All will be right in the morning.

Even if you don’t notice any spots or smells, your bags do their best when they get a little extra care. Make sure to clean your bags every few months to keep them looking and feeling their best as they stay by your side for the next haul.